The Bloom Brunch serves as a platform for women to come and gather in a space of connection, collaboration and celebration of each other's talents. It is also a platform for women in business to share their story of success and failure with the women in attendance. Each Bloom Brunch serves each attendee in a different way, and with organized topics per Brunch, it gives the attendees something more to look forward to. 

The Bloom Brunch consists of a panel of Female Entrepreneurs in the field of Small Business, Online E-Commerce, Social Media Experts, Influencers and Consultants (to name a few) offering insights and advice around the topics of every Brunch. Each Panelist known to the Bloom Community as a Bloom Partners will provide women a safe zone to be real and authentic about their personal experiences in business. Bloom Partners are not expected to be experts, but more of a counselor and mentor to women in the audience.  

Bloom Breakouts are a portion of the event that gives exercises to the audience to practice something outside of their comfort zone and, based on the topic of discussion. The Bloom Breakout gives the audience the chance to connect and meet other women in business as well as build a Bloom Community of their own. 

The Brunch is a Chef catered event, working with some of Southern California's culinary experts providing every guest with a cuisine that is unique and fitting to the event. Sourced here in Southern California, all of the Brunch cuisines will be healthy, locally sourced and professionally catered.

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Female Founded and Female based, the Bloom Brunch is intended for Female business owners, influencers, go-getters, mentors, counselors and women who want to excel in their current business. With over 14 years in Leadership, Planning, Marketing, Development of Teams, Human Resources, Coaching and Team Development, Ronnie is positive that this will serve many women who are looking to grow, bloom and be abundant in their current state. 

This community thrives on others success, it thrives on the personal development of others and in the four hours we spend together, everyone will leave with new tools in their belt that will prepare them to Blossom. 

This event is Quarterly and will occur Seasonally and geared toward specific topics and themes. Every Bloom Brunch will remain consistent on the core values of the Brunch which is to honor every woman equally and Bloom as one. 

The Bloom Brunch is intended to be intimate, no more than 50 women in attendance and have a panel of women who share the equal understanding of helping other women become the Blossom they are intended to be.